project two

Adam Brailey


Guide the introduce to the Project Two. I'm writing the Project Two about the history of the route 29A where I live in Kilbarrack. Kilbarrack is the part of the poor routes what CIE Dublin Bus provide the 17A and 29A in 1970.
Kilbarrck has current Dart train service - the carriages serve there are 8100-class(existed), 8200-class(now gone), 8500/8510/8520-class(existed), 2600-class(now in Cork), 2700/2750(now gone), 2800-class(now in Limerick), 29000-class(existed) & 22000-class(existed).
The Government said that the poor routes need more new low-floor buses better than getting the existed low-floor buses from the rich routes.
In the past, the poor routes got the existed high-floor buses from the rich routes because the rich routes got more new high-floor buses(1981 - 1999) and low-floor buses(2000 - 2009).

Hi. My name is Adam Brailey. I'm only one deaf student in the EVE GHIS building.

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My project two about the history of the route 29A.